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Commercial Book Binding

How to bring your customer’s job together!

Finish books and presentations with binding here at Gall Laminating.  No job is too big or small with our mix of automated and hand operated machines.


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Perfect Binding

Our C.P. Bourg binder can help you get the professional look and visual appeal you are looking for.  It’s great for small quantity Perfect Binding runs and more economical than a hard cover book.  Don’t forget to have your covers laminated and books bound all in one place!

Specifications: 4” x 4” up to 15” x 12” Books, Thickness from .16″ up to 2.25”


Plastic Coil Binding

Coil Binding allows you to lay a book flat, or open it 360 degrees making it perfect for instructional booklets, cookbooks, or any documents that get heavy use.  It also offers flexibility with many sizes, thickness, and color choices.

Specifications: Coil Sizes from .25″ up to 2″, Various Colors are available upon request


Twin Loop Binding

Twin-Loop-Binding-150x150Documents bound with twin loop wire stand up to years of use while still being very economical, making it the most common style of binding used in legal and financial industries.  With its durability and ability to open 360 degrees, it will add a professional and polished look to any job.

Specifications: Twin Loop Sizes from .25” up to 1.25”, Various Colors are available upon request


Staple Binding and Saddle Stitching are perfect for pamphlets, reports, and programs.  Stitching is an efficient way to have documents bound together either in the top corner or down the spine for a booklet-like finish.

Specifications: Up to .75” Thick, Almost no limitations on sheet size, call for special projects

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