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Memory Books PTO Fundraiser

Are you looking for an easy and profitable fundraiser? 

Memory Books are a great way to preserve school work in an organized and space saving manner AND raise money for your school.

­­Memory BooksWhat? Parents get a professionally bound book of the students work. Front covers to be decorated by the students and blank back covers provided by Gall are both laminated with a substantial glossy film for protection that will last for years to come.  The covers and pages are then bound together with black wire-o binding.

Memory Books (4)How? Gall provides bags, covers, and labels for the PTO to distribute. Parents fill out the information label located on the front of each bag and select up to 100 – 8.5 x 11 sheets of school work and pictures.  Kids decorate their covers, and everything goes in the bag.  Parents can do as many books as they want: provide school work from previous years, work from siblings, or do more than one book for this year, split the years work into semesters, or into separate subjects like writing and art!  Extra bags can be provided by Gall upon request.

When? Completed orders need to be to Gall 3 weeks before the last day of school.  To ensure delivery before the summer we should have materials as soon as possible.  But because so much work is handed out at the end of the school year, the orders can be collected the last week of school and turned into Gall.  The completed books would be returned to the PTO to coordinate a pick up timeMemory Books (7) outside of the school year.

Why? A portion of the proceeds from each book sold goes directly to the PTO. The cost of the book to the parents is $15; the number of books sold determines the amount per book given to the PTO, the more you sell the more money per book donated!

PTO Proceeds Chart

If you have any questions or you are ready to start your fundraiser give us a call or email today! 

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